Farmer Football Survey

This year we are all excited to be featuring our varsity players which will include individual photos and a player profile. Varsity players please click here to fill out the player profile. Once complete you can see the Varsity player's photo and profile by clicking on his name.

Farmer Pride and Tradition

Farmer football has a very long and proud tradition and would love to recognize past players and coaches. We are going to open a new section on the website honoring the Fighting Farmer who helped build the legacy. Please send an email to Share your story. Please include the years on the team, the position you played. We also love pictures so please feel free to attach some photos. You were and always be a part of the Fighting Farmer Legacy.

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Farmers add "Fighting" to their nickname

There are thousands of stories about Lewisville's past, but only a handful have been told and re-told often enough to become legends. One such legendary tale relates the stirring events of Sept. 30, 1946, when members of the Lewisville High School football team chased down an armed back robber. As with nearly any legend, some parts of the tale may have been embellished in the ensuing years, but the basic facts are well documented by participants, witnesses and contemporary newspaper accounts.